Word to those trying to sell... do not pay anthing up-front.

It is an "advertising fee" for $500 or more, yet you can do the same thing through most realtors for about 10% of that. You will STILL need to pay escrow fees and commissions, so your best bet is to avoid places like RII Stroman and SleeMyTimeshareNow.com and go with a local broker.

Also, if you paid $12000 for a timeshare 20 years ago and think it's worth that now, try 20-25% of that. In other words, if you are going to buy a timeshare, don't buy from the developer, buy used.

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Russellville, Arkansas, United States #643558

In our research we called many Realtors and found none to be interested in selling a time share. Few brokers even handle them and they must be experianced in the industry which is worldwide.

This company says they have sold time shares in 27 countries so they must be experianced. As for what was said about the values of them we find that few if any go up in value and most brokers charge more commission than this one.


Sellers pay commission through a timeshare sale using Stroman. Not closing costs!

Try calling your local Realtor to sell your timeshare! Ha!

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